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47 Kommentare

  1. hope in a career mode/owner mode (on and offline) the funds are better. makes no sense that you're a billionaire owner and only have 5-15 million to spend. Also more accessories when it comes to moving a team and changing uniforms. we should be able to upload or own stuff into the game by now. if they already have that then I apologize since I haven't played since madden 15

  2. yo man the new madden 18 looks raw I think that EA should put in scoting comebin bring it back i been a madden gamer ever since I was small please come back to the comebin.

  3. Thanks for the inputs QJBI enjoyed madden 17 but I guess we wish for more and if they could have only added more!I think we need field degradation which I think they are going to add this year.I would like weather custom features and the ability like in the old madden games a weather custom feature where you can set the temp and amount a rain, snow etc.You can see the breath coming from the players when it was really cold etc.Lets have live weather also as NCCA even had that a while back.Madden 05,06 had so many features back then when challenged by 2K5.Let the snow build up or rain come down hard or let up as the game goes on instead of just one feature snow or one feature rain; common EA thats too generic.Tony Bruno show was clever and fun back then also.Bring us game face or use the P4 camera for something instead of collecting dust sitting there;like using it to a make a picture of yourself and applying it  if we are going to have a career mode like fifa 17 has.Give us fans, cheerleaders and break aways other then always the coaches.Madden 17 was an improvement the way it played and looked and now Madden 18 is an improvement yet again and with the frostbite engine, better movement ,looks and lighting etc Lets see if what they do this year is a worthy yet again upgrade for the players that actually  play the game a lot.We don't want a rehash we want creativity !!"Dex"

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