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  1. i would've preferred to watch depeche mode interviewing ricky gervais interviewing depeche mode;
    this guy doing the interview?

  2. I saw a bit of that German TV broadcast Dave mentioned, it was probably in 1982. Dave was singing "See You" with a chicken in his lap! You can probably find it on YouTube 🙂

  3. Wow, this is amazing!! 🙂 I have so much respect for Depeche Mode, and now even have MORE!! They are true to the higher cause of creating amazing energy on this planet. Love these guys more than words can say, and Ricky Gervais is awesome too!!!

  4. Why does Fletch talk as if they have only ever been a three-piece and fail to acknowledge Alan Wilder's presence in the band at the time certain questions relate to?

  5. Good on you for getting rid of the negative crap in your life, Dave. You've come a long way, mate, and you've got so much good work to show for it.
    I had no idea Andy Fletcher was such a good raconteur!

  6. Is this when Depeche Mode announces they'll be issuing dividend checks to all their fans? We've bought hundreds of millions of albums, singles, tickets, and merchandise, and have afforded them a very luxurious lifestyle along the way. I'd hate to think they're actually just your typical one-percent, limousine liberal hypocrites.

  7. Fabulous interview and anecdotes from both Depeche Mode and Ricky Gervais. "Do you wander around Essex like that?" "I would!" Watch this video … … and then go and google "Depeche Mode Chickens." What on earth were they thinking?

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