Unboxing and Review of the ultra affordable i5 Plus Smart Fitness Wristband.

PURCHASE HERE: (Only 12 bucks!)

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  1. On my phone it always says, "Zeroner is running". Is that normal? I also have another Zeroner  Step 15. Why is that? The Device Connection, Device Setting and Message iInput are not enabled, how can I enable them?

  2. Probably a stupid question but I am going to ask anyways… Does this measure the distance in miles or kilometers? All the ones I have seen measure in kilometers so one that does it in miles would be awesome!

  3. Nice review of an interesting device. FYI the IWOWNFitbit Pro I6 is now available at Amazon and a review on Smart Watch Ticks on Youtube Now with Heartrate sensor which can continually monitor, additional sports and goals. @$60

  4. This is Jack,selling fitness tracker on amazon,Our fitness tracker has many functions below: Function:

    Time & Data Display
    Sport blood pressure monitor
    Pedometer and pedometer mode
    Sleep monitor.
    Arrhythmia alert.
    Alarm with vibration.
    Notification of incoming calls and message.
    Outsit alert

    You can get your money refunded once you make positive review,thanks.

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