Bodybuilding. Yoga. Crossfit. Powerlifting. Parkour. MMA. Pilates. These are the 7 Styles of Fitness. WHAT’S YOUR STYLE?

This video is our largest to date and wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome cast and crew involved. We hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share & remember to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!

Big thanks to the dudes at GEARMARK for helping with the production of this video! Check em out here:

JUZO YOSHIDA (The Master):

TRAVIS WONG (The Student):

SAM: (Parkour Style)

WHITNEY: (Yoga Style)


Special thanks to our Patreon supporter Logan Vibbert and Rob Uncapher!



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  1. What i dont really understand is that gym wildlife was a good video but was definitely not as good as this one however got millions more views. This video is much better but doesnt get as many

  2. As a crossfitter this video makes so mad, this channel sucks. Just kidding, the crossfit section had me laughing just as much as the other styles. The Buff Dudes are awesome

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