After failing to act swiftly to prevent the death of 36 children in a span of 48 hours due to stoppage of oxygen supply to government-owned Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College in Gorakhpur, the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government finally reacted on Saturday. Watch the video to know more!

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  1. इतना भी मोदी की गाँड में मत घुसो की वो तुम्हारे मुह मे मूत दे तो तुम उसे 'MOUNTAIN DEW' समझकर बोलो की "डर के आगे जीत है" ।

    और इस गांडु की mathematics देखो …. 06:12 ये चूतिया 567 को 30 गुणा करता है तो इसका एव्रेज 19 निकलता है ….

    ॥ गांडु सरकार – गांडु वोटेर्स ॥

  2. bura na maanna bhai logo but aaj angrezi ke ek kahawat sach ho gayi aur kahawat kuch is prakar hai(PEOPLE GET THE LEADERSHIP WHAT THEY DESERVE) AUR BHAKTO GHABRAO NAHI AAJ YE MASSOM LOG RO RAHEY KAL TUM ROWOGEY

  3. Ye evm wala CM Yogi bhosdike tere bal bache he nhi aur na hi us madarchod modi k to tum katil log kya janoge is ghatna ka dard,,,,,,,,,,tum bas dharm k naam par raajneeti nd logo ko badhkane ke alawa konsa kaam kie ho…..madarchodo…..bhut galat he ye…….

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