The Joy of Creation STORY MODE is finally here! Join me as we play one of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games ever made!
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37 Kommentare

  1. me before this:
    oh this looks like a cool fnaf fan game!

    me after watching this:
    me after seeing the ending (ya know, where scott dies or somthin)
    … i…i dont even know what to say…

  2. 1 close curtains and make sure they stake shut dammit ( don't know why they do that XD )
    2 turn on the light…..ugh who am I kidding just peg it into your mums room and hide under the cover XD also call the po po and everyone you know to come to to yo house and get rescued………ok…….

  3. BRUH I JUST HAD THE CRAZIEST GAME, so I'm trying super hard to beat the bedroom because it hasn't been completed for days, so it's five am, my sanity is just dead, I just go full tryhard, and then golden freddy's hangs down from my screen, and I go to the forest when he completely lose UR sanity, BUT I JUST DID IT, THE CLUTCH , RIGHT AFTER THE FOREST SCENE, THE BACKGROUND IS BLUE, BUT THE NIGHTSTAND , THE STUFF ON IT, AND THE NEWSPAPER IS THERE, I'M DONE, THE CLUTCH, I'M FLIPPIN OUT BRUH

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