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  1. Except those movement patterns he is speaking against are biomechanically efficient and safe for general public who don't wanna fuckn participate in martial art tournament (or any other collision sports). Learning improper alignment has its place in training but so has proper alignment practiced by 'fitness people'. Let's be clear Ido doesn't wanna be subjected to universal standards mainly because he has to sell his own brand of movement where he is the source and in control of everything.

  2. if you wanna move well just dance ballet, break dancer, or any type of dance or circus act. Even doing certain sport would make u a better mover, like wrestling, gymnastics, rock climbing. Atleast there is a certain process and programm to it. Ido´s ideas are great, but not the best, there has to be a benefit in moving yourself. Everyone can move, but not any type of movement is beneficial for being cordinated, and to increase athletism.

  3. Look up people who live to 100, most if not all will say walking, biking or running helped them the most. Picking up a twig and walking like a crab won't do much.

  4. So that how not pro materials look like … interesting. That is hardest part to just enjoy process .. it almost pain to watch what they doing and there is no reason or real goal or much of the effort in comparison to sport that actually pay. Kind a envy it, if practice design not to beat the best or become the best how you still be able to practice.

  5. That looks like some shitty therapy for people with underdeveloped motoric skiills. I wouldnt even go there for free. Just go out running or something like that. Throw your dog some sticks or whatever

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