A Complete Climbing Workout in the Gym including Reps, Sets, Resting Times and useful Tips and Tricks. The Focus was on Max Strength, Antagonists and Flexibility, which I tackled via Stretching, the Campusboard, the Hangboard, the Pull up bar, and the Parallettes.
For me personally this session served as a fitness check after Months of almost exclusive outdoor climbing and a bit of max strength hangboarding. The results were amazing!
Hopefully I could transfer some training motivation, drop some likes and comments if it worked, stay strong, and have a good training yourself!

Fitness Check after Months of Rock! Complete Climbing Workout by Mani the Monkey

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39 Kommentare

  1. looking strong man. Just wondering if you could give any advice on climbers elbow? i reckon i jumped into training one arm lock offs too quickly, and starting to experience discomfort in my left elbow when i try it at certain angles- left shoulder is feeling it a bit as well. resting that arm a bit for now. any advice would be grand

  2. I keep reading that training for climbing has advanced so much since I was a kid in the 90s. But climbing outside all the time was pretty much what we did to train in the 90s, so in a way you've reverted to old-school methods. Does that mean you're foregoing the newest advances in training?!

  3. Why you do some stretching before the training? I would sugest to do that afterwards. Before the training i always do some mobility training. What is your opinion?

  4. Hy Mani, thanks for the video! You look much leaner and much more muscular than in the videos of the past years! Whats about your body weight? Did you loose bodyweight, or are you still at about 67 kg, because of less fat and more muscels?

  5. Oh yeah! That's what I came here for in the first place 😀
    Good video of a seemingly great session!
    And yes, you seem fit right now … maybe time to rethink your hypothesis about your limit grade? 😉 I say it is higher than you thought …

  6. i was worried latley about my left arm being weaker than my right.. good to see that im not alone on this 🙂 … mani, what do you do to compensate? try to do more excersices with left to make it catch up to my right? or just dont bother too much?

  7. beeindruckend wie stark du deine antagonisten trainiert hast. kenne viele leute die isoliert für diese figuren trainieren und deutlich weniger weit sind als du, obwohl du das nur zum ausgleich machst 😉

  8. Hi mani, and anybody who could answer this question. About 10months ago i moved away from rock climbing and working out the shoulders/core/back/etc and went solely to weight training (cause thats what a 17yr old teenager does). About 2 months ago i came back to rock climbing and have started the other work outs again to regain any shoulder and back strength i had lost. In saying this, i felt stronger from day one of coming back (due to the weight training and just getting older in general) but still feel i have a LONG way to go. I still do weight training along side shoulders/back. With that out of the way, here is my question. Do i continue to do weight training to keep an bicep/tricep/Chest strength i have along side shoulder/back, or do i ditch weights and focus solely on the rock climbing elements and allow bicep/tricep strength to grow naturally? BTW, love the videos, your power is immense.

  9. I'm so new at climbing, Mani! Your videos are great. As a beginner, how often do you suggest climbing indoors ( every day, 3 x a week ) and when would I start climbing? (Just until I'm comfortable?) outdoors? How often do you work out in the gym, not climbing?

  10. Hey Mani, great video as usual. I do lots of the workouts you tutorial (really helpful) but I have a common problem throughout many of them. There's so much rest time, and after about half an hour, I start to get bored during rests. Silly question, but do you do anything to occupy yourself during rest times?

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