My F1 2017 Career Mode! Part 11: Hungarian Grand Prix | aarava
F1 2017 CAREER MODE PART 11: HUNGARY in a Toro Rosso
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  1. On what diffuculity are you playing? And this is my first f1 gane and i ruined my first gearbox in 2 races my second in 3 and my 3 th in 8 so i'm making impovments

  2. i cant stand when aarav moves to the side for the AI to enable them move alongside him… he really doesnt race properly, he races for the show, and thats so annoying

  3. Hey aarav i think i have a Glitch in the game.. for at least 8 drivers are grid penalties every Race and when i have changed a gearbox illegally and i qualified in p18 i will start in p10

  4. Silly question here but this is the only stream I have seen this on. You have a red indicator next to your gear box indicator that shows you which gear (i'm guessing) you should be in? How did you turn that on?

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