The benefits of physical fitness—including better overall health, protection from illness, improved mental health and a longer lifespan—are too important for teens to ignore. But many teens don’t understand exactly what “getting fit” really means or just how to improve their own level of fitness, or think that working out is just for athletes. This fast-paced program introduces teens to the core elements of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Expert trainers teach detailed plans that every teen can use to boost each of these elements of fitness, plus tips for fitting an exercise plan into their busy lifestyles. By following two real teens as they embark on personalized get-in-shape plans, viewers learn how to develop an individualized routine that’s right for them. Overall, not only will students learn how to get fit, they’ll understand that fitness can—and should—be fun.

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  1. I need the subtitle of this video for my presentation. I can understand  and guess what this video means. But I am not sure about some missing words. Can you guys help me??? Please give me the subtitle of this video. Thanks.

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