I wanted to test out the DJI Mavic Pro’s “Sport Mode”. Sport mode allows the drone to fly a lost faster and react faster. Be aware, however, when the Mavic Pro is in sport mode, obstacle avoidance is disabled. Please be sure to watch in HD. Please be sure to like (thumbs up) this video, as it will help this channel grow. Please be sure to subscribe. Thanks.



“Canyon Breeze”
by: Deeyung



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  1. Made me like and subscribe, who knows you might even check out some of my drone shots from down under and you might even like ans subscribe. Cheers for the Vid dude , i think you've sold me on the Mavick

  2. Hi Dylan, Love the video. Can you help me please? When i flick the sport mode switch on my mavic controller it tells me I need to do something with the settings.. It wont go to sport mode. Any ideas please?
    Regards. Bong ..

  3. Hey Dylan, does the Mavic ever get a little harder to menuver when it Sports mode, maybe since it has less GPS satellites to help control it? I ask as my Hubsan is harder to control in Non GPS mode and ends up drifting more, esp. with wind/breezes.

  4. Great job my friend, Ok, sold, I need to come see you as well. I will holler at you in the next month or so maybe we can meet up and go shoot some stuff together.
    Thanks again my friend and have a blessed week.

  5. Hi that was a great video!. I am hugely confused between Mavic and Spark. Budget is not a problem. I am not a Vlogger, Pro or YouTuber. The drone will be only for fun, family , travel videos. I am a total noob, never used drone before nor do i used Softwares to edit videos. In both the cases I will be buying fly more combo. I am more interested in taking pics than photos. What I love about most for spark is its starts up v quickly. More like pop n play. Don't know about mavic. In my country i am getting mavic combo for discount and spark combo at premium. In a way i am more inclined towards Mavic due to overall appeal, but i am scared if Mavic is complicated to use and requires too much effort i may not even use it ever. And on the other hand spark is very pop n play. I really dont care about 4k if the 1080p video quality and still images quality is same of both then my draw gets closer to spark. But when i am seeing videos and sample footages of both of them, they dont appear to be same. Hence confusion doubles up. PLEASE HELP

  6. In the DJI go 4 app THERE is a button to change from sport S to position P is it good to leave that on S becuase as long as the side button has sport mode off it won't go to sport mode…but what happens when you press the side button to sport do you still have to go into app and change that setting to S for sport or it goes with the side button when it changesCause it's confusing to me why have a button inside if the 1 on the side will control both of them … cuase i though that if its in P mode in the app and you put it in S mode until you switch it inside the app too you wont get all the power…So basically what I'm saying is if the outside switches is on S and the inside switch in the app is on S is when you get all the speed and power.. which one is true

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