Depeche Mode Echo Award 2009 Germany

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  1. I love Depeche Mode man, its crazy how creative and artistic they are, specially a song like this that has so much energy, too bad it was lip synced here cause when they perform it live is sick! I recently did a cover of this track by doing a live looping session as a tribute to them, I'll leave the link below in case anyone wants to check it out!

  2. I have a great animal protection organization in Germany
    I also work with the PETA
    currently I have a project in Turkey
    there I will save 300 dogs if the German justice system works
    I live for the animals in need
    my success lies in the fact that I integrate real photos of animals from my projects very emotionally into videos
    I would like to ask you quite officially whether I like this song
    for a video of my 300 dogs in Turkey?
    It absolutely suits their torment and so I can make people maybe
    something better their suffering?
    Xavier Naidoo also supports me!
    And one thing I must say is, I have been a Depeche Mode fan since 1987 and I always visit every concert in Berlin at the Olympic Stadium

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