Secret BF1 Easy Mode – Why PC Players should switch to PS4 Pro /Xbox One with Battlefield 1.

This is on the Operations game mode, – “Oil Of Empires”, “Fao’s Fortress”, and “Conquer Hell” – Ballroom Blitz and Argonne Forest maps

Join PS4 Battlefield 1 BF1 Platoon – “Niccaman Bros” with tag “[Nica]”


This is gameplay from the Playstation 4 PS4 Pro

— Music Used
Valence – Drive

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  1. The reason why you did thought you did unusually well was because you got placed against people your skill level (i.e.: Beginner players who are new to the game, or switched from PC to console). Wait till you start to level, think you are getting good, then all of a sudden your skill will go up and you will be placed against some mildly-skilled Console players who actually know what they are doing – you will think you'd been f*cked by a train when you get dropped like a sack of bricks in public matches.

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