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  1. He is in an alliance, and Sharog gets much better scores compared to Dr Strange. So it's normal that he does T2 her, if that's what will happen. On top of that, if he wants to clear WBU stages 4 and 5, when that will be possible, I think he will need Sharog.

  2. believe it or not mordo is underrated I been invested in him he's a beast I didn't know about this auto attack but he can regularly wreck shit. I have him set up with an 8 set called prince of lies it give him high percent of auto dodge when baron dodges he has a 110 % damage buff it's a 12 or 15 sec cool down but you can get that down to every 8 to 6 seconds with max skill cool down. plus with that set he's hard to hit and his move set is already a beast. I destroy shadow lands any level with ease. don't even mention any world boss he can tank infinity Thanos.

  3. I thought you of all people should have known this before, Cy??
    Because we, a MMF community in VN, and some other groups (maybe also Reddit), discovered this trick soon after the Strange patch 😀

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