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44 Kommentare

  1. At least this game totally redeemed Flash and Green Lantern maybe next time for WW and Superman. That's more like a Justice Lord's ending. You can play the ideas of both ending for next game.

  2. I mean it's not like brainiac is not regenerating as of this moment and slowly going to be taking supermans and Batmans mind.

    Anyone who thinks brainiac is dead is clueless ahahahaha

  3. This is the best ending! There's no way to achieve universal peace without stomping out evil and controlling the only detractors who can be useful… Sure the super powered folks are doomed to serve, die, or be mind controlled but fuck them! All of us… the everyday common people get to live in a utopia with the advanced knowledge and technology of brainiac without worrying about some homicidal clown or biker bounty hunter destroying our peaceful cities… to the guy who just wants to go to work, come home, bang his wife, and play video games… Supes gives the best ending… With batman you'd still have to worry about your house blowing up because the same badguy who broke out of jail 642 times decided to rampage AGAIN! I support Superman the same way I supported Kira… Screw L and screw Batman!

  4. injustice 2 & tekken 7 best looking Fighters of 2017 and a completely full package, I will be playing these for years to come onto a newer versions are out,

    if only other companies was like NRS & Namco,also shout out to NRS for finally making Hawt Female Models ♡

  5. Those guys against regime sounds like those fucking commies. ''Ur dur you're a tyrant leading the world under your heel''

    Yeah he is doing that. That's why innocent people are now living without fear of any villain because he deal with them and made global peace. He even restaured those cities from Brainiac. What a bad guy promoting safety for the entire world, huh? I can say that people would choose Superman leadership any day. HE is the only one that can save the Earth and that's it. He killed another super hero? Well fuck it. He killed to maintain the peaceful world he created.

  6. Why is that ending "bad" ? The world is more safe than before under Supermans control.
    If Batman would led have Brainiac alive,
    of course that would be way more risky for the whole world, thats for sure.

  7. Well for me Superman even isn´t the villain here. He´s just very decisive and clear.
    Batmans much worse. He lets ( potential ) killers alive and so he´s responsible for much more unneedful deaths
    than Superman, who just clears the world out of clearly evil people. Besides , Batman hasn´t lost his big love,
    is full of money and so for him its very easy to be morally. For me, that is a total farce.

    Batman is meant to be the protagonist here. But if you think a little bit, his actions cause much more crime
    and deaths to the world than Supermans actions.
    For me the plot is ridiculously bad because it shows a completely wrong moral attitude.

  8. Isn't this ending fake cause a few chapters back Wonder Woman took his Gold kryptonite blade & now he has it back without no explanation, where in Batmans ending he didn't have it …….?

  9. A nice little touch I just noticed was that different characters handle the interactables differently. in the batcave for example then max played as batman he rode the motorcycle when used, as supes he just threw it. its a nice touch that characters with super strength use them differently, it wasn't needed but nice that it was added.

  10. Batman: My mothers name was Martha!

    Superman: Sigh I know… I was there Bruce… 🙁 She told me… Agh!… :((

    Batman: 🙂 Clark… Its okay… We can finally end this. 😀

    Superman: She told me… 🙁 Before I snapped her neck! 😀

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