Apple Watch Series 4 – Fitness and Health Review

The Apple Watch Series 4 may be the best smart watch on the market, but is it the best all around fitness tracker? Watch this review and I’ll give you my opinion on the latest Apple Watch Series 4 and it’s health and fitness features.

The fitness trackers and products I use:

Garmin Fenix 5X

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap HR monitor

Yunmai Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale

The Skulpt Scanner – Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Quality

My All Purpose Gym Shoes – Saucony Jazz Low Pro

Mava Elbow Sleeve

Mava Compression Shirt

Reebok Nano 2 Shoes


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  1. Swimming not so accurate. I bought my watch last week and swam with it a few days. I swam over 1.5 miles total comparing each day and I also had a polar chest and watch to compare, special interest in HR. It was not accurate but maybe good enough? Maybe I’ll do a video on it?

  2. I got mine Apple Watch 4 in black SS Color and it’s my 1 st also new iPhone X max 512 gig big one. I really love the new apple stuff yes it very expensive for me but if I use it to help me out and Heath it’s well worth it. I had a full knee surgery replacement and bulging disc 4-5 top to bottom carpal tunnel surgery done 2 weeks ago
    I am sure that it would be most helpful to all. Thanks for the review

  3. Good morning Eric, Just bought Apple Watch 4 for my wife and I don't see the Strength Training portion of the Workout App on the series 4. What are you using for free weights and machine resistance training? Thanks Eric, for the good review.

  4. Min 4:41: Finishing bench press
    Min 4.48: Camcorder tries to focus and get rid of blur
    Min 4.50: Camcorder finishing focusing and getting clear vision
    Min 4.51: Apple watch 4 still struggling to get the accurate heart rate data, stucking on 112 BPM
    Min 4:54: The watch managed to catch actual heart rate at last, with a loss of 13 seconds.

    Min 5:005:10: The watch stucked again on 138 BPM, can not manage to calculate actual heart rate…

    No comment…

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