Challenge yourself with this calorie-torching HIIT workout from Equinox trainer Anja Garcia. To take it up a level, grab a pair of medium free weights! This workout will have you breathless and feeling the burn in every muscle.

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30 Kommentare

  1. I’ve done several popsugar workouts and I like most of them. This just seemed too fast and chaotic. She does not give you enough cues and she is just annoying with her motivational bs that sounds fake.

  2. I loved her warm-up and cool-down. Helpful and not boring! It was fast, but I just skipped back in 5-second increments and watched it again before trying it out. Sweating buckets and worked the whole body!

  3. This workout did make me sweat but it was way too fast to not avoid injury. Anja barely showed how to do the moves before starting which made me had to pause and rewind the video several times to fully understand the workout. Anja seems like a good trainer but goes way too fast for a 30 min workout

  4. Great workout. I like that Anja quickly introduces a move then gets right into it. Yes, that makes it harder to follow the first time through but it also keeps the pace up every time I run through it again … worth the trade off.

  5. Personally, as someone who can do 30 minutes on the treadmill or other High Intensity workouts, I really had trouble with this one. I felt ill a few times and the breaks in between were way too short (I was worried about dehydration). Even the warm-ups were too intense for the most part. Some moves were also very complicated. Sorry, did not enjoy this workout so much.

  6. Agree with those that say this is too fast. Need to watch first then attempt. It is KILLER! Should be labeled UBER Advanced. You could walk away thinking you are a whimp. That is, if you could walk away,

  7. Unfortunately this workout is an injury waiting to happen. I stopped after 20 minutes because it was just too much and I’m a personal trainer in excellent shape. The moves were very advanced and no explanations for modifications were given. I love your channel but will pass on any more workouts like these

  8. for those who are familiar with popsugar workouts, especially intermediate hiit workouts like kickboxing and tabata: don't skip this one, it's insane! this is coming from someone who works out 4 times a week doing hiit and heavy weight.

  9. Way too fast and her form is so off….cant believe that PopSugar actually put this online. Who is reviewing this? Sorry I usually love this channel and I tell many of my clients about it, but this is horrible. Thank Goodness Anna is at least having good form because the instructor is not even completing every move before doing another rep. I think it would be a great workout, if she slowed WAAYYYY down and maybe explained things more.

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