10 Ways Instagram fitness models are tricking you.

Did you ever compare yourself to Instagram fitness models and feel awful? Once you’ve watched our video you’ll realize that these influencers aren’t quite as real as you might think they are. Instagram fitness blogger Chessie King has lifted the lid on all the tricks they use to show themselves off in the best light. It makes for fascinating viewing.

Chessie is all about spreading body positivity and body confidence. She does this by sharing Instagram vs reality photos and side-by-side shots to reveal how easy it is to fool your followers. From posture, angles and lighting to Photoshopped and edited pictures, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to make yourself look totally different.

Watch our TheTalko video to see 10 reasons why Instagram fitness models are NOT real life, all thanks to Chessie’s revelations, and tell us in comments what annoys you the most about the fake photos out there.

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  1. I'm no better than any of you, in fact, I may be quite the definition of an average joe. I'm not a celebrity or an influencer but lend me your ears for a second, if you will. 😀
    Two weeks ago, I made a rash decision of quitting Facebook, Instagram, and all social media platforms. I did it cold-turkey. It wasn't calculated. I just thought enough was enough.
    My typical day would look like this: Get up, eat breakfast or skip it due to being so absorbed by my phone and laying on my back for hours on end, avoiding work as much as I could.
    I had no motivation to move or do anything because those tiny likes, comments and social approval I was receiving was giving me the rush of dopamine I needed. I was happy 24/7 but that was simply the addictive effect of social media. It wasn't true at all.
    In truth, I kept scrolling, desperately trying to make witty comments on as much pages and groups as possible, until I got a little bit more famous than usual on one group and then I was hooked on it and kept receiving the fake adulation.
    Most of the time, social media is a race to gloat or brag about your happiness the most. Those who aren't fortunate enough to be able to compose compelling posts are left to wonder why their lives aren't better than their peers. IN reality, everyone's life is hard. People just hide the bad aspects of it and proudly display their achievements, so you feel less than adequate. In fact, I was always resenting everyone and I was really miserable and couldn't stand being interrupted by real-life people who actually mattered, namely my family. I failed to mention that I was eating fast food like crazy, for the comfort of course, so my weight ballooned from 72 kg to 80 kg.
    Now I'm not someone without talent. I can draw, I can sing, I act really well and I'm physically fit and loved sports. Yet I hadn't done any of that for months because why? I was getting all my happiness from social media.
    Granted, not all people spend their entire day on the different social media platforms but I know many of you relate to what I'm saying.
    So to cut a long story short, what I was was a lazy, unmotivated social media addict who did nothing in life and kept complaining all the time.
    Then I did it. I logged out of all my apps and deleted my browser's history to avoid getting on FB or Instagram by mistake because my accounts were registered in the history.
    Since then, I've been going to the gym every other day. I bike on the days I don't go to the gym and I've lost like 3 kilos already.
    I've drawn 5 awesome drawings I'm proud of, started taking singing lessons, got back to read books and since I didn't delete WhatsApp since it was a messenger app after all with nothing to get you hooked on, the people who truly cared about me, messaged me there. The illusion friends I had on FB never reached out once.
    Wake up, people. Live in the real world and disconnect yourself. Thank you for your time and sorry if this is long but I needed to get it off my chest.

  2. I live a fit lifestyle and i had to tell myself I need to stop comparing myself. It makes me happy to see girls that are passionate about there fit lifestyle and showing everyone how there body exactly looks like untouched.

  3. I'd say as a heterosexual male: we love our women the way they are, with all the defects and virtues.
    So to all the girls that are worrying too much, don't. We sort of "buy the whole package" once we get into a relationship.

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