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10 Biggest Celebrity Fitness Body Transformation. Check out also second part
Fit actors talks about their body transformation from fat or skinny to muscular, workout, diet routine and work on the set, everything I found in interviews, movies and extras. Enjoy!

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  1. İf they pay me millions of dollars or i were actor i could do it to!of course i can do it now but its much more hard and i dont have to… But they have to cause they are playing charecters with muscles! Example: Christian Bale. He lost weight, gain weight, made muscles for his roles and millions!

  2. What I really like about this is the focus on the people LITERALLY SAYING that it's a ton of work and that it FUCKING sucks FOR LIKE 1 day of a mininum photo. It takes time and DISCIPLINE.

  3. What i dont understand is many of them talking about how they only eat protein and veggies. From what i have learned you need to just hit your protein numbers and calories. So if i need 3000 calories and 180gr of protein how can i hit the calorie numbers? ALso eating too much protein is bad for the kidneys afaik.
    So isnt the result the same weather i eat 180 gr of protein and fill my calories up with f.e. ice cream or weather i eat only veggies and chicken breast or whatever?

  4. I love Chris Pratt he doesn't bullshit about how hard it is to hit the gym and deny yourself donuts.
    Ryan Reynolds is also bang on about drywall being high in protein but tasting horrible.

  5. When you get personal trainers, lots of free time, more food in a week that a lot of people can afford in a year and are surrounded by people cheering you on (without even counting the fact that you're rich), it's really easy to get in the perfect shape that you want. Not saying it doesn't take willpower, or that others can't do it, but give most people these things and they'll look like any of them.

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